アートインターナショナル 沿革

ART International History

1983 現代表者帰国後 (株)ジェムジャパン設立 役員就任
Following his return to Japan, the inauguration of ART’s CEO to JEM Japan by JEM’s Founding Officer.
1984 関連会社(有)アートスピードエンジニアリング工場設立代表者 就任
Establishment of affiliated (ART) speed engineering factory established.
1988 東京都杉並区(環状7号)に本 社、ショールームを設置 本社登記
Headquarters and showrooms set up in Suginami, Tokyo.
Registration of headquarters completed.
BMC Lotus 系ブーム再来 マガジンハウス共同プロジェクト
Joint magazine house project with BMC Lotus.
1989 国内レプリカ商社経由にて上場企業の専門事業部解説顧問 開始
Began working as an advisor to other experts from large corporations.
1990 英国工場を開設
UK factory opened.
1991 ケータハム組み立て業務開始
Caterham assembly operation started.
1992 英国工場を閉鎖
UK factory closed.
1993 英国車ヴァンデンプラ プリンセスの専門家と認識される(レストア部門)
Recognised as an expert for the British car Vanden plus Princess model. (restoration division)
1994 エンジンマネージメントECU ウェーバーアルファ輸入元開始
Began to import the engine management system (ECU) for Weber Alpha.
1995 ダイナモ設置 / 研究開発部門 開始時期
Research and development of 4wd Dynamo installation began.
1996 モータスポーツシャーシ開発 / 競技用車両制作
We began to provide Motorsports chassis development/vehicle production services.
1997 企業 業務委託契約 / 1/1 ゲーム用車両制作 / DTM業務委託契約
Commencement of business outsourcing contract to include to-scale production of gaming vehicle.
企業 業務委託契約
We began taking on business commission jobs.
1998 英国企業の型式 取得 メーカーとの契約
We went into contract with UK Company to become their model builders.
1999 企業  競技用タイヤ貸与契約
Commencement of competition tyre contract.
マイスターカップ レースシリーズ戦 オーガナイザー
Organisation of the Meister Cup Race Series Battle.
2000 汎用ECUを年間200台程度 販売 / 英国企業 契約終了
Around 200 units of general-all-purpose ECU sold year.
End of Large UK company contract.
企業 モータースポーツ専用シートベルト特殊車両制作販売契約
Acquisition of motorsports company contract to be the exclusive provider of vehicle production, seat belt testing and sales.
2001 企業 顧問契約 / EVボディ開発(CQモーターズ関係)型式取得類別7モデル
Corporate advisory contract began.
One of New EV manufacturing development and model acquisition of 7 Classification models began (one of EV Motors relationship).
2002 輸入車並行輸入 / 排ガス関連業 務顧問開始
Began to provide parallel vehicle importing services. Began to work as exhaust emission adviser.
2003 新規シャーシ国内型式取得車台 / CQ2ケータハム社公認EV生産開始
Acquired domestic approval for chassis. Acquired official approval for Caterham EV production.
2004 企業EV(電気自動車)2輪部門顧問 / 特殊車両制作・業務委託契約含
Started work as EV (Electric Vehicle) advisor to the motorcycle division of a corporate.
Began special vehicle production. Outsourcing agreement finalised.
2005 企業合併のため契約終了
Termination of contract due to company merger.
2006 希少価値車両レストア / レーシングカーレストア
Began restoration projects of rare cars and racing cars.
オートバックスFc企業 整備教育顧問業務開始
Began providing maintenance, training and advisory services to Autobacs Corporation.
2007 アズニュージャパン燃料噴射装置試験 及びリサイクル整備機器輸入元開始
Began building ‘ASNU ’Fuel Injection Testing Equipment.
Began to import used parts to be used in car maintenance.
企業特殊装置制作 開発委託契約
オートバックスFC企業 整備教育顧問業務終了
Entered contract with an enterprise to develop specialised equipment.
Contract to provide maintenance, training and advisory services with Autobacs Corporation came to an end.
2008 UK Sports car 新規輸入元 / 企業 型式顧問業務委託契約
Began to import UK Sports car vehicles. Entered consultant consignment contract with Lotus.
企業 業務委託契約 / EVその他特殊車両製作
Additional business consignment contract to include EV and other special vehicle type production.
2009 北米企業モーターショーモデルパワートレイン制作請負業務委託契約
North American motor show showcase company’s model.
Commencement of power train production contract and outsourcing contract.
企業 業務委託契約
Business commissioning took place.
2010 ケータハム輸入元顧問 / ジネッタ排ガス / ファービオ排ガス等
Began work as the Caterham importer adviser.
Work began on the Ginetta and Farbio gas exhausts Emission.
ケータハム社 国内向け排ガス保安基準 PDI業務全般を請負
Acquired contract to undertake exhaust gas testing for Caterham to ensure safety standards are in line with domestic regulations.
2011 企業 業務委託契約 / 自動車メーカーR&D
Commencement of business outsourcing contract. Commencement of research and development contract with automobile manufacturer.
Safety standards and compliance contract work carried out on behalf of European motorcycle manufacturer.
2012 ケータハムカーズ顧問 新規モデル制作改善
Production of improved Caterham Car based on our advice and expertise.
2013 ジネッタカーズG40保安基準・排ガス関係顧問 特殊契約
Commencement of advisory contract with Ginetta Cars G40 to ensure exhaust gas meets required safety standards.
企業 モータースポーツ専用シートベルト特殊車両制作販売契約終了
End of contract with Motorsports Company to be the exclusive provider of vehicle production, seat belt testing and sales.
2014 ケータハム + スズキ自動車パワートレインにて新モデル開発 (外国メーカーとして初軽自動車制作)
Development of new models of Caterham and Suzuki Automotive Powertrain.
Also the first to produce Kei Car category cars as a foreign manufacturer.
2015 ケータハムカーズ フランクフルトショーでスズキブースにて発表・国内予約100台越え達成
Presented at the Suzuki booth of the Caterham Cars Frankfurt show Kei model powered by Suzuki.
Received over 100 domestic reservations.
本部工場を埼玉県川越市より三芳町へ移転 / 三芳町および埼玉県法人事業所移転報告
Moved factory headquarters from Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture and our corporate office to Miyoshi-machi.
Introduction of continuous 24-hour security and surveillance system.
2016 Zenos Cars UK 日本販売元契約
排ガス保安基準適合 騒音試験等開始 / PDI準備
Commencement of agreement with Zenos Cars UK to become Japan distributor.
Began exhaust and noise emissions safety and standard compliance testing.
Began PDI.
企業 業務委託契約 / ゼノスE10納車開始
Commencement of business outsourcing contract.
Began delivery of Zenos E10 vehicles.
SCS Delta 統括アジア総輸入販売元契約 / ECU開発開始
Entered agreement with SCS Delta Asia for aid in import sales.
ECU development started.
ケータハムアフターマーケットプラグアン ドプレイ 発売開始
Caterham Plug and Play for after sales launched.
Development of high-spec (high power output) Suzuki-engine Caterham started.
2017 ケータハムスプリント(輸入軽 自動車)国内限定車発売 / 即完売にて現在納車開始
ケータハムは当社検査による予備検査 新車納車累計500台を達成
Limited edition Caterham Sprint (imported light car) sales launched.
Sold out immediately after launch.
Caterham received an order for 500 cars with our specification.
企業 業務委託契約
Began to receive business commission.